"I will be an AK practioner, I'm doing work as a student that some of these people won't be doing years into practice. I am far better for having taken the AK course... twice, and i'm taking it a third time." - Brett B.

"AK in my opinion goes above and beyond what regular chiropractors do who just crack backs.  A patient may have many subluxations but AK points to the primary one.  I think this facet of chiropractic  gets to the root of the problem and will cause you to stand out among your peers." - Isaac M.

"I accepted the challenge of your course because of your skillfulness in demonstrating the science and art of applied kinesiology." - M. Jackson

"The whole course  was well organized, clearly presented with info I could use every day." - Rick Q.

"Learning the muscles tests and basic ways to apply it - Finding a strong indicator, what weakness, what strengthens. This is the basis of AK and so I know I can apply it to the many muscle testing techniques out there. AK also made me fascinated by the workings of the body and mind as it connected the many things I've learned and the different body processes and treatment modalities." - Jeffrey I.

"I have been able to confirm and develop my palpation skills by supporting my findings with MMT and properly identify what a person's body actually needs from my treatments.  I have become more confident in my adjusting skills because I know that what I am doing will make a positive difference in that person." - Jason D.

"I feel like AK takes me to a completely new level as a chiro.  I don't have to do guess work with adjustments or any other treatment--I just ask the body with a muscle test.  My adjustments also go much better when I can challenge for the proper vector/position/phase of respiration to adjust in--it's better for the patient and I'm more confident in the delivery.  Best tool in the profession, in my opinion." - Chelsea V.

"I learned more about how to treat a patient in the first basic course than I have the entire 6 trimesters at parker. I am eager to learn more and fine tune the skills I learned in the basic course." - Blair M.

"AK has allowed me to think things through clinically rather than just palpatate and adjust.  With the acupuncture portions of the course, it's shocking how accurate it relates to a patients chief complaint." - Andy L.