A Podcast Has Lead Me to a New Challenge: 30 minute Writing Every Day

I have a new fascination, podcasts... Yeah I know I am a few years late to the table on this one but eh what can I say I am not an earlier adopter!

I know when Erin reads this, she is going to roll her eyes and say I told you this years ago!  Well, I am a slow learner, but once I get it I am all about it! 

They are mini audio books!!!!! And I am geeking out!

The problem right now is that I am in a honeymoon phase and all over the place trying to figure out what and who I like, so I am listening to about 15 right now, and there are thousands of episodes to catch up on from them.  

One of these podcasts was Able James, Fat Burning Man where he interviewed a friend of his, who has written a couple of books (they weren't necessarily talking about writing) but they talked about process and productivity of busy people.  The thing that struck me was the interviewee is a teacher, coach, author, and father who takes 30 minutes every Thursday to write, edit, and publish one blog post no matter where it is in the writing and editing process.

My mind was blown! So, I am taking up that challenge.  This post is the first of many that will be complete within the 30 minute time window. Because damn it, I have 30 minutes every day I can write.  It is a bullshit nonsense story that I tell myself that I don't have the time.  

Side note on the time thing, I proved this to myself when I started tracking my social media app time, which I would recommend to everyone it was disturbing how much time I let social media creep into my life. 

Honestly, it wasn't the report of total time that shocked me into change.  It was when I put a limit on the amount of time I could use the apps, and the phone would block them at 3 or 4 in the afternoon.  I felt like I had barely looked at FB or IG, but it was 5 min here 5 min there added up to 1 hour a day pretty stinking quickly! 

Back on topic! (ADD is a fun thing in my life) 

These posts will be on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday (I will write every day, but some of these won't be suitable for public consumption)

Now, tying this all back together as my timer is running out, I am going to start recording a podcast so let me know some of the topics you would like me to solo talk about or bring in other thought leaders to interview.  

Email me at [email protected]


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