Art of Healing Comes from Nature

Have you ever wondered where the term bombastic comes from? Paracelsus (Born Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim) was at the very least a very interesting man! 

He was so exuberant and arrogant that his name still has meaning today even if you have never heard of him.  And, he probably had some reason to be arrogant after all he has been credited as the father of toxicology, giving Zinc its name, and the terms “gas,” “chemistry” and “alcohol.” 

Paracelsus was a renowned physician, among other things, that felt the medical practices of his time were barbaric.  He felt that all diseases were the result of an imbalance between the body and nature.

Summing up his philosophy: “Because everything in the universe was interrelated, beneficial medical substances could be found in herbs, minerals and various chemical combinations thereof.

Paracelsus viewed the universe as one coherent organism pervaded by a uniting life-giving spirit, and this in its entirety, Man included, was 'God.'"

I have to say this is what should be the foundation of any medical philosophy.  In fact, my general thought process is that any health problem has a remedy in nature because we cannot be separated from nature.  Dr. Samuel Hahnemann also used some of this philosophy to found many of the homeopathic principles which are still effective today.

Focusing on the quote of the day it may be one of the most profound statements about health and healing.  One of my mentors has a similar quote “God does the healing, the doctor takes the fee.”  I firmly believe that the medical and chiropractic professions need to relearn these principals. 

We often forget that our only job is to help the patient unlock their natural God given abilities to heal.  We do this by removing the interference whether it is structural, chemical, emotional or electromagnetic. 

That is the beautiful thing about Applied Kinesiology - it gives myself and other practitioners the ability to help the patient remove their impediments to health. The most profound aspect of this quote may be that Paracelsus even swallowed some of his legendary arrogance and admitted that as a physician he does not heal, true healing comes from nature.

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