Coronavirus onslaught!


Wow, times they are getting crazy!

People are seriously losing their minds getting ready for the Coronavirus onslaught.  Erin went to Costco today (Monday), and it was like a Saturday, and everyone was loading up on water, toilet paper, and other essentials.  

There are a ton of ways to build your immune system, but we always want to think along the lines of what we can do structurally, chemically, and emotionally to balance our bodies so that we don't get sick.

Obviously, I believe getting adjusted can help you stay well and function optimally (Video of Dan Murphy DC, talking about chiropractic and 1918 flu). Let's talk about what we can do to keep ourselves healthy through the potential pandemic.  

Coronavirus or COVID-19 symptoms if you haven't googled them yet are shortness of breath, fever, and cough with an incubation period of 2-14 days. 

Disclaimer: This is intended to be informative and not medical advice.  Consult with your physician if you feel like you have an infection that may be Coronavirus.  

So let us talk real quick about herbs and supplements that you may want to have on hand in case someone goes down sick.


General Immune support:

  • Echinacea, I prefer liquid extracts of this herb. 
    • Herb Pharm 
      (Orange/Yellow Label stuff available at all-natural food stores)
    • Wishgarden
      Kickass Immune
  • Vitamin C, Grand Daddy of Immune and adrenal support
    • Ecological Formulas Vitamin C-1000
    • Any of the fizzy drinks with low sugar
  • Vitamin D, the liquid seems the best delivery that I have found
    • Apex Energetics Ultra D 5000
    • Cod Liver Oil may be your next best bet from Nordic Naturals
  • Mushroom complexes
    • Things like Rishi, Shiitake, Maitake
    • All these are higher in natural forms of Vitamin D also significant immune upregulation
  • Drink a lot of water a gallon plus a day (consider drinking alkaline mineral water while sick)

General Respiratory support

  • Ginger
    • Use the root and the herb
    • Highly anti-inflammatory
  • Thyme
    • Oil, the herbs on food, and drink water that was had Thyme soaked in it. (ignore the taste)
    • Very soothing to mucus membranes
  • Licorice 
    • Great for the adrenals NOT THE CANDY
  • Calcium
    • upregulates the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Honey
    • helps soothe a cough especially with lemon in hot water


  • Massage major lymphatic areas
    • Pectorals, inguinal, neck, and sternum
  • IR Sauna
    • 20 minutes unless you are dehydrated
  • Hot Epsom Salt bath
    • Luffa, the outer layer of skin rub lemons all over your body. 
      Chop ginger root, and wrap in cheesecloth like a tea bag and soak it in the bath with you
  • Get adjusted

So load up on all the above herbs and supplements for the long haul and wash your hand for the love of God.

If you need to book your adjustments you can schedule here:

Until then seriously turn off the news and Make your Health Easy

Dr. JJ


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