Do You Have A Blood Sugar Questionnaire ?

One of my mentors once told me that you had to get your patients to drink enough water and to balance their blood sugar. He would say it was extremely difficult to get patients well if you didn't get them to do those two things. I thought he was crazy, that surely I had enough talent as a newly minted doctor that I had enough talent and skill to get them well all by myself.

Well, unfortunately, he was correct, and I was wrong! As it has turned out in my particular practice, those two things are the most important thing my patients can do for themselves.

So I thought I would turn the tables back on you all this week and ask you to answer some questions, 63 of them to be exact. Here is a Blood Sugar questionnaire I have used in the past. They are all great general questions and physiologically, physically, or neurologically relationships to your ability maintain and balance your blood sugar. So answer these questions and let me know how you did.

I will post the levels tomorrow in the comments section of this post.  

1 Do you frequently have unrealistic fears or worries? Yes No
2 Do you ever feel light headed? Yes No
3 Do you find it hard to concentrate at times, especially in the afternoon? Yes No
4 Do you frequently have headaches upon getting out of bed in the morning? Yes No
5 Do you sometimes have periods of unprovoked anxiety? Yes No
6 Do you wake in the middle of the night and find it difficult to go back to sleep? Yes No
7 Do you Smoke? Yes No
8 Do you drink an average of one or more bottle of soda per day? Yes No
9 Does alcohol seem to go to your head rapidly? Yes No
10 If you drink alcohol, do you later have a hangover? Yes No
11 Do you frequently use aspirin? Yes No
12 Is there a history of diabetes in your family? Yes No
13 Do you now or have you ever had a stomach ulcer? Yes No
14 Have you ever had an asthma attack? Yes No
15 Have you ever been recommended for psychotherapy? Yes No
16 Have you ever had colitis? Yes No
17 Have you ever experienced claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces)? Yes No
18 Have you ever blacked out? Yes No
19 Do you sometimes feel excessively weak for no apparent reason? Yes No
20 Do you feel shaky between meals? Yes No
21 Do you ever have a light, clammy perspiration? Yes No
22 Do you drink more than three (3) cups of coffee per day? Yes No
23 Do you eat chocolate on the average of at least every other day? Yes No
24 have you ever considered suicide? Yes No
25 Do you occasionally cry for no apparent reason? Yes No
26 Do you find it difficult to concentrate occasionally? Yes No
27 Do you ever go into an emotional rage? Yes No
28 Do you skip breakfast? Yes No
29 Do you sometimes have muscle cramps? Yes No
30 Do you miss meals very often? Yes No
31 Do you ever feel a tightening sensation across your chest? Yes No
32 Do you feel fatigued upon awakening in the morning? Yes No
33 Are you a “night” person rather than a “day” person, as far as energy is concerned? Yes No
34 Do you ever feel out of touch with reality? Yes No
35 Do you ever feel short of breath, for no apparent reason? Yes No
36 Do you ever have stomach cramps? Yes No
37 Do you frequently have diarrhea? Yes No
38 Does your personality seem to change at different times? Yes No
39 Do you always seem to be hungry? Yes No
40 Do you ever get up and eat in the middle of the night? Yes No
41 Do you sometimes have difficulty remembering thing? Yes No
42 Do you have arthritic pains (pains in the joints)? Yes No
43 Have you ever had hives? Yes No
44 Do you frequently get depressed? Yes No
45 Do you frequently get nervous? Yes No
46 Do you get dizzy, especially when standing up rapidly? Yes No
47 Does your heart ever beat rapidly for no reason? Yes No
48 Does bright sunlight bother your eyes (have to always wear sunglasses)? Yes No
49 Do you frequently have drowsiness? Yes No
50 Do you sometimes have an internal trembling? Yes No
51 Do you have any numbness in your arms or legs? Yes No
52 Do you sometimes have difficulty in making decisions? Yes No
53 Do you occasionally have blurred vision? Yes No
54 Do you think you have a lack of a sex drive? Yes No
55 Do you feel uncoordinated at times? Yes No
56 Do you ever have twitching and jerking of muscles? Yes No
57 Do you feel you have unsocial or antisocial behavior? Yes No
58 Do your hands or feet get cold? Yes No
59 Do you frequently eat candy, sweets, or pastries between meals? Yes No
60 Do you ever crave sweets, liquor, or chocolate? Yes No
61 are you irritable before breakfast or your first cup of coffee? Yes No
62 Do you get hungry “5 minutes” or at least quickly after eating? Yes No
63 Do you feel better after eating? Yes No
  Total number of Questions you answered Yes    

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