Normally I pick a single blog post from someone's blog and share it here, however, when I ran across Evolvify I quickly noticed all the posts are excellent!  I could single out the post on Alpha Males,  or the predictors for being cheated on for women, but only if I also link to the predictors for being cheated on for men.

From Evolvify's About page: "The Paleo Diet Meets Paleo Psychology Humans evolved to have a few friends, play, eat, work (a little), love, play, and make love (and play). Humans did not evolve to sit in traffic, hang out at the gym, farm, have 2.7 million neighbors, or eat food that’s been pre-chewed by robots from a feeding trough. The modern world prevents us from maximum flourishing, but we can hack the hell out of it to fix that. The rapidly expanding paleo community is a reflection of, or reaction to, Western/American culture.

The bad thing about the paleo movement is the incessant and myopic focus on diet and exercise as if those are the beginning and end of a great lifestyle. There’s already a huge amount of paleo diet info circulating just beneath the surface of popular culture. I’ll inevitably end up repeating some of it. Maybe I’ll have some less obvious insights. But! The rabbit hole goes deeper than diet and exercise. Much deeper." And deeper Evolvify goes.  This blog is well written, thought to provoke and absolutely worth the stop! It's my pleasure to share the health: Evolvify

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