Happy Halloween

T'is the evening for ghouls, ghosts, goblins, and zombies to come out! What everyone forgets is that they don't go away the next day, in fact, in most cases, they're still around thanks to the sugar overload from those candy filled buckets. And we all know that what the kids don't eat gets taken to the office to torture our childless coworkers.

They're easy to recognize - dark circles, groaning, swollen bellies, occasionally candy-colored fingers from all the dye. The good news is these zombies will recover, unlike all the Hollywood zombies. Halloween and excess amounts of sugar go hand in hand, and they causes your body to produce lots of acid and acid equals lots of inflammation.

High inflammation can cause a person to have pain and stiffness, sleep poorly, increased allergies, and so on. If you find yourself or your children feeling sluggish after Halloween, candy overload is likely to blame. It takes about three days of near perfect diet to get your blood sugar back into some semblance of control, and if you overdo the candy and late night roaming, it could take a week or so to feel back to normal.

You can counter all that sugar by increasing your protein at meals, make sure you eat 3-5 healthy meals a day and drink lots of water. I hope you and your family have a safe, healthy Halloween!

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