I AM...

Two of the strongest words a person can say aloud or think about themselves:  I Am.  

Those two words define not just our lives, but who we really are.  This "self-talk" can create or destroy so much in our lives.  I am - fat, I am - stupid, or I am - not worthy are all ways that we define our lives in negative ways.  I am - beautiful, I am - brilliant, or I am - worthy,  build up a positive mental story of the amazing life we all deserve.

I see patients and students convincing themselves they are not good enough, smart enough, or talented enough to be a success in what they desire to accomplish.  A change in thought pattern, their "self-talk", could create the mental power to make success happen!  I would bet most people that talk negatively to themselves would never let anyone else say those things to them.  We are such self-critics when we need to discover our self-praising.  Take a moment today and concentrate on two words:  I.  Am.  And be conscious of what follows, because what follows shapes your soul.

Change the way you define yourself and you will change your life.

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