Lack of Sickness Doesn't Equal Healthy

"Just because you're not sick doesn't mean you're healthy."
~Author Unknown


To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, this should be one of the truths of life that are held self-evident.  Health is not the mere absence of disease but is the optimal functioning of the person in all aspects of their life:  physical, mental, chemical, and spiritual. 

We can look at sickness as something that is "diagnosable", which means, there are enough symptoms that it can be classified as a disease.  The problem with diagnosing sickness is that it only manages what is visible above the surface and doesn't take into account what is going on out-of-sight. I prefer to find the processes that are keeping my patient from healing the dysfunction, remove the blockage, and let the body return to health.  

The best way to determine what is going on with the patient, in my opinion, is to use Applied Kinesiology.  The best way to fix the underlying cause is through Chiropractic, diet and nutrition, and homeopathy.

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