New Lease... Same location... a lot of life changes


I have seriously tried to shoot this video and write this post for about for about six months.  

The past few months... let's be honest the last few years, have been some of the most trying in my life as a parent, a husband, a teacher and a Doctor.  I have been spread much to thin with my family, with my practice and my patients.  

To shorten this story up a bit and get to the point, back in March I signed a long-term lease at my office in Addison, this means I will be in that office for the next few years, and I got one a reduction in my rent over the long hall.  But there was a significant increase in the rent over the past lease.  I guess that is a good sign for the economy, but it has substantially increased the cost of me doing business.  Which translates to me having to raise my rates from $110 / 30 minutes of treatment to $130 / 30-minute and $75 for a 15-minute treatment.  

I know this is a bit of an increase, but it is needed for my practice to continue to deliver the standard of care I feel you all deserve.  

That being said I have laid out a package discount program for you all.  The packages can be purchased through my scheduling website (scroll around there are a lot of them) and you will be able to you those blocks of time (your buying time, not specific appointment types, so if you only need a 15-minute appointment you can just book that).

Here is a basic breakdown of the cost and discounts you receive with the packages:

These package prices are good until along August 1st, 2018 and any individual appointment booked and paid for before August first will still have the $110 / 30-minute rate.

As an added incentive for those of you who read all this email and watched the video :) 

If you purchase BEFORE 7/19/18 I'll give you an extra 10% off any package with the discount code: 


Just copy and paste that code.

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