Squats... You need to do them....


"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” ~Thomas Edison


Fundamental Human Movement: The Squat (Sit down and Stand up)


The number one thing outside of trauma (A fall and breaking bone, Heart attack, Stroke, and possibly dementia) that puts people into assisted living is the inability to take themselves to the bathroom.  i.e., getting themselves off the toilet.  

Now full disclosure I don't know how accurate that is today, but it provides an amazing framework for thought.  

First off let's think about what it takes to get on and off the toilet.  The total act of getting down to and off the toilet is just one repetition (full cycle of a movement) of a BODY WEIGHT or "Air" squat.  So, the inability to get off the toilet is just the inability to do 1/2 of a bodyweight squat!  

Not to be harsh (well maybe just a little) but that is ridiculous. Look we are as humans and children of God designed to be STRONG, agile, and graceful for our entire lives.  Struggling to get off the toilet or out of a chair is an insult to that heritage and design.  And sitting on those "chairs" isn't a full range of motion for hips, knees, and ankles. 

You can give me any excuse you want, trust me I've tried them all, and they are all B.S.  They are stories we tell ourselves to keep us where were are, on a path to infirmity and immobility, to keep us trapped in our bodies as we age and not living our full potential! So, today I'm breaking down your excuses to not moving! 

Excuse #1.  "It hurts to do a Squat." 
This could be your knee's, your hips, your ankles, your back... Whatever it doesn't matter.  There are two possible reasons for the pain. 
1. You're injured and need care.
The fix Schedule your appointment with your local practitioner that will fix your injury, if that is me here: https://drjjgregor.as.me/ 
2. It hurts because you haven't done it in years if ever!
Start doing it I'll show you how at the end of this post.

Excuse #2 "I don't have time to work out."
Look BS; I get it, I fell into this trap too.  You don't have to get dressed, drive to the gym, hire a personal trainer, workout for 17 hours to make a change in your health and ability to sit and stand!
You have ONE minute every hour NO ONE IS THAT busy NO ONE!

If you are awake 16 hours a day, set the alarm on your phone for every hour when the alarm goes off NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!!! Start the stopwatch on your phone and start doing  "Squats" see the video.  20 seconds of squats 10 seconds of rest (standing) 20 seconds of squats. That is it!!! EVERY Hour!!! Your goal is 5-10 GOOD squats if you do that 10 hours out of the day you did 50-100 squats in 10 minutes!!! 

This will build strength and stamina to last a lifetime!

Excuse #3 _______________
See above because that covers most! 

This is tough love time YOU CAN DO SQUATS, and you need to, or at some point in your life you will be stuck in a chair or stuck on a toilet!  And frankly, none of us want that.  

So here is your challenge for the next 30 days Squat! I don't care if it is to a chair, or using the sink to stabilize you so you can get YOUR full range of motion for your hips knees and ankles.  I want you to move functionally several times a day!  You may get sore, you may not like it but the streangth you get will pay soooo many dividens later I promise!

If you have any questions let me know! Until next time 

Make Health Easy

Dr. JJ



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