What I Have To Be Thankful For

My babies have softened and rounded me out in life and made me a much better person. I am forever thankful for my parents.   

Without their loving guidance and support, there's no way that I could have made it as far as I have!  I'm very blessed that they, along with my sister, will be making the trip to join us for Thanksgiving this year. I'm very aware how fortunate I am to have both my parents still living and healthy enough to make the trip.

As in every year, I'm thankful to my patients!  They teach me every day just how amazing the body is and how it can heal itself without massive amounts of intervention.  They teach me courage, strength, and hope as I see their trust in me as a healer. 

I'm especially thankful for Lisa.  She is an asset I never knew I needed.  She keeps the office organized and keeps me focused, as much as she can, on the goals and tasks at hand. I'm looking forward to what next year will bring with her on my team. Not to sound preachy or trite here, but I am ever thankful to God. Without God, I'd have none of the things above to be thankful for! 

Finally, I am thankful to Erin.  She has challenged and pushed me, seen the best in me even when I couldn't sometimes, helped me dream bigger and continues to help me achieve those dreams.  And, she has given me the two most beautiful and loving children I could have ever wanted! I hope you will all take a moment and see all that you have to be thankful for this holiday season. Have a great and safe holiday,

Dr. JJ

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