A to Z Guide to the Foods that Contain Your Food Allergies

Charts of common food allergies and foods that they can be found in:

Once of the most common problems, I find in the office is that a patient has eaten a food allergy or sensitivity.  As I've said before, the most common food allergies that I have found in practice are Wheat, Corn, Dairy, Soy, sometimes Egg's or Nightshade Vegetables.  The problem is that even if you are doing a great job sometimes they allergies are buried in the list of ingredients and you may not recognize them as allergens. So, if you are experiencing food allergies and are working toward altering your eating habits to avoid unpleasant and unhealthy symptoms due to food sensitivities, here is a list of foods that may be adding to your allergic reactions, even if you think you're doing a great job of avoiding the allergies. And first and foremost, be a label reader!  This is due to the fact that two different brands of the same product may contain entirely different ingredients, quite possibly derived from entirely different sources.

 If you are intolerant to Wheat, you should avoid:

Ale/Beer Couscous Kamut Salad Dressing
Baked Goods Crackers Licorice Sauce Mixes
Baking Mixes Doughnuts Luncheon Meats Semolina
Biscuits Durum Macaroni Snack Foods
Bouillon Cubes Enriched Flour Matzos Soup Mixes
Bran Farina Mayonnaise Unbleached Flour
Bulgur Frozen Entrees Pancakes Waffles
Cakes Gravies Pasta Wheat Germ
Cereals Hot Dogs Popovers Zwieback
Chowders Ice Cream/Cones Pretzels Puddings  

Additionally, the products below may contain Wheat:

Modified Food Starch
Modified Starch Starch MSG

 If you are sensitive to Gluten, you should avoid:

Ale/Beer Doughnuts Oat Triticale
Baked Goods containing Barley, Oats, Rye, Wheat Durum Pasta containing Barley, Oats, Rye, Wheat Wheat
Barley Enriched Flour Rye Wheat Bran
Battered Foods Farina Sauces Wheat Germ
Breaded Foods Graham Flour Semolina Wheat Starch
Bulgur Kamut Soups  
Cereal containing Barley, Oats, Rye, Wheat Malt Snack Foods  
Couscous Malt Beverages, Extract, Flavoring, Syrup, Vinegar Spelt  

Additionally, the products below may contain Gluten:

Flavorings Luncheon Meats Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein
Modified Food Starch
 Salad Dressings  Seasonings  Starch

If you have food allergies to Corn, you should avoid:

Alcohol Cookies Grits Powdered Sugar
Ale/Beer Corn Flakes Gum Preserves
Bacon Cream Pies Hominy Grits Puddings
Baking Mixes Fritos Ice Cream Salad Dressings
Baking Powders Frostings Jams/Jellies Soups
Sweet Beverages Fruit (canned) Infant Formula Soybean Milks
Bleached Flour Fruit Drinks Margarine/Oleo Syrups
Breads & Pastries Gelatin Desserts Meats (bologna, sausage) Tortillas
Cakes Graham Crackers Peanut Butter Vinegar, Distilled
Ketchup Gravies Popcorn Wine

  Additionally, the products below may contain Corn:

Dextrose Modified Food Starch Gelatin Capsules Talcums
Hydrolyzed Protein Aspirin Powders Toothpaste
Maltose Cough Syrups Stamps Vitamins
Maltodextrin Envelopes Starched Clothing  

 If you have a food allergy to Milk, you should avoid:
Au Gratin Cookies Hard Sauces Sherbert
Bavarian Cream Cream Ice Cream Soufflés
Bisques Creamed Foods Malt/Malted Milk Soups
Bread Creamed Sauces Margarine/Oleo Sour Cream
Buttermilk Cheese Muffins Soy Cheese
Cakes Curds Ovaltine Tuna (canned)
Candies Custards Pancakes Waffles
Cereals Doughnuts Pie Crust Yogurt
Chocolate Fritters Processed Meats Zwieback
Cocoa Drink Mixes Gravies Salad Dressings  
Chowders Hash Scrambled Eggs  
Additionally, the products below may contain Milk:
Casein Lactalbumin Lactose Whey Powder
Caseinate Lactoglobulin Whey  
And these ingredients suggest that Milk may be present:
Caramel Color Caramel Flavoring Emulsifier Natural Flavoring 

If you are Food allergies to Soybeans, you should avoid:
Artificial Cheese Lemonade Mix Salad Dressing Tofu
Baby Food Ice Cream Sauces Tempeh
Candy Lecithin Sausage Tuna (canned)
Cereals Margarine Seitan Vegetable Oil/Shortening
Coffee Substitutes Miso Soups Worcestershire Sauce
Crackers Peanut Butter Soy Sauce  
Additionally, the products below may Soy:
Bulking Agent Emulsifier Gum Arabic Lecithin
Carob Guar Gum Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein MSG

And these ingredients suggest that Soy may be present:

Adhesives Body Lotions Fabric Finishes Glycerine
Blankets Enamel Paints Fertilizer  

If you are sensitive to Eggs, you should avoid
Bavarian Cream Griddle Cakes Marshmallows Sausages
Bouillons Glazed Baked Goods Meringue Sherbets
Breaded Foods Hollandaise Sauce Noodles Soufflés
Cakes Ices/Ice Cream Pastas Specialty Coffee Drinks
Egg Substitutes Macaroni Pancakes/Mixes Tartar Sauce
Fritters Macaroons Puddings Waffles/Mix
Frostings Malted Cocoa Drinks Processed Meat Products  
French Toast Mayonnaise Sauces  
Additionally, the products below may contain Egg:
Globulin Lysozyme Ovalmucin Vitellin
Livetin Ovalbumin Ovovitellin  
And these words suggest that Egg allergens may be present:
Binder Coagulant Emulsifier Lecithin

So my suggestion is to print this page or memorize the names that you may be sensitive to and have it with you.  Hopefully, this helps you avoid your food allergies and sensitivities.    

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